Joshua Johnson

hometown throwdown

The City Of Brotherly Love - yes, Philadelphia - now has the second largest downtown population in the US, and the music is flowing. Tomorrow night World Cafe Live is the place as THREE Ropeadope bands hit the stage - Jesse Fischer, Butcher Brown, and Sidewalk Chalk are gonna serve up a musical stew of soul, funk, jazz, and Hip-Hop just for you. It's all part of Jesse's tour to mark the release of his new album, Day Dreamer. Tickets are here, bring your dancing shoes.    

Suite For The Blue Planet

Going back to church

Last year Mark de Clive-Lowe dropped CHURCH - an incredible collection of music that was composed on the spot at his live events. The record remains in top rotation here at the fake office, and now MdCL has gone back to church with a massive remix project of the same name. This is one to add to your collection folks, pick it up here, and check out the deluxe bundle with both albums (22 tracks). 

Live And Love All Life

Prince Polo Records is here with their first release. Jesse Ivan Demming AKA Quizflo, born in Trinidad and now a presence on the NY reggae scene, brings a classic sound with beautiful melodies and a unique voice. His message is positive positive positive - a refreshing renaissance of the heart of reggae music. Led by the dedication and pure love of the music, Billy Polo is the driving force behind Prince Polo Records, and we can tell you some great music is coming right at you. Pick up Out From The Nest right here


Robert 'Sput' Searight. Held in high esteem by his peers and fans alike. His credits are lengthy, but it is his quiet and persistent dedication to the evolution of music that shows his true brilliance. We are honored to announce the launch of RSVP RECORDS, founded by Sput and the newest addition to the Ropeadope family of labels. First up on RSVP is Fortified, the debut album from Ghost-Note with the incomparable Nate Werth and a host of special guests. Expect uplifting music from some of the best kept secrets in the community as Sput and RSVP roll out an impeccable roster of exceptional artists. Drop in right here to see what it's all about, and sign up here to be in the mix. This is special.   

Havana Nu Beat Suite

Composer, innovator, and tireless improvisor Frank Catalano delivers the holy grail of jazz albums for 2015 with Havana Nu Beat Suite - a six movement suite to honor the citizens of Havana Cuba. The Suite features Frank's longtime collaborator and mentor Randy Brecker and the incomparable Ornette Coleman. With hypnotic percussion, complex harmony and soft counterpoint throughout, Catalano describes the vibe as 'Avant-Trance'. Frank Catalano's exuberant respect and love for the players, the art, and the people are evident throughout; 'Ornette became someone that I wanted to be like as a human being. I felt happy and tranquil just standing near him'. Havana Nu Beat Suite is out today.    

Prince Polo Records

Music Education Win

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah has a vision for music students worldwide. Today marks the release of the Stretch Music APP, an interactive music album and player that gives the user complete control. Each audio channel is available, so you can mute, pan and fade any instrument to play along with the recording. The sheet music is included; our favorite feature is the loop button to repeat any part of the track as you practice. It's a sleek and focused way of doing what kids have been doing on the web, and it is bound to boost the next generation of musicians in a big way. Drop in right here and get it.   

Lovin You

It's been a big year here at Ropeadope, but this week we take a deep breath and bow to the most dedicated of performers, composers, and players - Mr Jesse Fischer. In a world of dominant personalities, Jesse is the quiet, gentle force that keeps his head constantly in the music. Day Dreamer is Jesse's seventh album, and it is the kind of work that reveals itself in more depth with each listen. As the seasons change and we reflect on life and times past, Day Dreamer is the perfect soundtrack. Enjoy.