2014 Countdown - Underground system

This one came to us from the hotspot of Brooklyn NY. Underground System is a culturally diverse mix of people and sound, taking afrobeat, Baile funk, and emceeing and twisting a renowned international folk song (Bella Ciao) into a driving dance beat. They're the first shot in a growing movement we like to call trans-global music, representing the diffuse elements of the world. Their Ropeadope debut, Bella Ciao, is right here for your listening pleasure, and here's a little remix treat for your next party. dig.

Bella Ciao

2014 Countdown - Fumihito Sugawara & Claude Nine

Ropeadope veteran Fumihito Sugawara surfaced early in the year with his international partner and double agent Claude Nine. The duo delighted us with 35mm - a reconstruction of lounge music from the 50's and 60's. Elements of bossa nova, space age pop, tango, and jazz all mix for an intriguing and straight up FUN album that takes you forward and backward in time. Get down with the sound right here, and support these suave cats with a purchase or a gift for a friend right over here. AND, take a moment to check out their hip collection of show posters right here. Now that's a swinging groove.

35 MM

2014 Countdown - the funky knuckles

Back when the chill was in the air The Funky Knuckles sent us the heat in the form of their second LP - Meta-Musica. With one listen we could tell that this band was more than just live improvisation; subtle and sophisticated compositions emerged without losing the core drive of the band. Meta-Musica dropped at # 1 on the Itunes jazz charts, as The Funky Knuckles proved that jazz has truly yet to be defined. Jump in right here for a listen, and support the band by picking up a copy or sending a friend a gift of Funky Knuckles

Rain Journey - The Funky Knuckles

Human To Human Vol 1

Aaron and Mike Dolton, known to the world as HUW, have held down the chill groove at Ropeadope since 2010. Check out Amplexus, Anamorphic,  and Audiography to get the feel. We asked the brothers to create a set of their favorite Ropeadope music, and they came up with HumantoHuman Vol 1 - Eclectic Breaks and Beats. This one drops worldwide on 11/18, with 14 deep cuts and the full DJ Mix as a bonus track. Cue it up on bandcamp, or add it to your Itunes library right over here

45 (records) in 45 (days) - 2014 Countdown

As we wind down the busiest year in Ropeadope's 15 year history, we'll be posting video and audio from each release for your viewing and listening pleasure. First up - Spare Parts - the Chicago Jazz Funk Trio with the big big sound. Mike Bruno, Kevin Kozol, and Colin Scott lay down a thick groove in their self titled Ropeadope release, showing their commitment to excellence and the evolving language of jazz. See them, hear them, support independent music by picking up a copy or sending a gift to a friend. 

Flora X Jneiro Jarel

Label Who? founder and creator in residence Jneiro Jarel dropped this one on us - Flora is the first EP in the Viberian Trilogy that leads to JJ's next full length release. Spinning off from the 2010 release ‘Fauna’, Flora sonically evokes images of plant life and the interconnectivity of all things. Musically sampling elements of the earth - animal sounds, bird calls, human sounds - Flora takes you somewhere else. Check out what Vice and Okayplayer have to say, and preorder the EP right here.  

all rise for shayna steele

We are very pleased to announce that we will be leading off 2015 with a full length release, Rise, from the incredible Shayna Steele. Look for the first single to hit right here and everywhere on November 25 th, a smoking track featuring Robert Randolph. Rise drops on January 20th with a host of amazing musicians on board including Christian McBride and Marcus Miller. Dig 'Wear Me Down' right here, and take a trip back to Snarky Puppy's Family Dinner with Shayna right here.