Ghost-Note Interviews

I count Robert 'Sput' Searight and Nate Werth as two of my favorite humans, and to see and hear what they are doing with Ghost-Note brings much needed joy and positive energy to my day. Recently I had a chance to interview them both, and hear first hand what their journey is about and how they keep their vision of a connected and peaceful world intact and growing. Check the podcasts of those interviews right here or on your favorite podcast platform. 

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About Mike Clark

Our first podcast is out in the world. This process developed as I began interviewing artists to understand their story as we prepared for their record release.  I realized that I was in a special place, casually chatting with some of the greatest musicians of our time. Their story is so unique in this era, and they casually drop stories that amaze, like Mike Clark talking about recording at Ringo's house, or riding the railroad lines as a kid in Texas. Mike Clark was one of the most comfortable interviews, as he is enthusiastic about his art and life and always quick with a story and a smile. I hope the podcast comes off with the same feeling of awe and fun that we had while recording. It is available at most podcast spots, but please do drop in at 
mixcloud and follow us for the first drop of all future podcasts as well as our radio shows. 

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Here we Go!

21Soul begins today, and we are both nervous and excited to bring a bunch of fresh new programming to you - first up, 21Soul Radio feeding from our Mixcloud page. Louis and Fabian are trying their hand at the DJ thing, carefully matching up tracks from the Ropeadope catalog for your listening pleasure. Check it here, tell a friend, but most of all tell us what you think! 

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The 21Soul Sessions | World Cafe Live

We've been in and around Philly our whole lives, and we are watching the city in the midst of a major revival. Philadelphia is thriving and becoming a top international city - so it's time for us to dive in and bring the Ropeadope family from far and wide to experiment with music and create together. Mr R.C. Williams will be hosting The 21Soul Sessions  - a monthly residency of a rotating cast of musicians. Shows will be free to welcome music lovers, and the Ropeadope fam will be in attendance with offerings from our music and clothing catalogs. Drop in on June 14th and join the groove.

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About 21Soul

21Soul. The soul of the 21st Century. Born in the creative mix of the Ropeadope community of independent artists, 21 Soul is a new media provider that will feature a variety of programming centering around music and the lives of creatives. Live performance, artist interviews, clinics and masterclasses, music business news, and more will be presented on multiple video and podcast platforms. The goal is simple – to connect people directly with musicians and their work. The medium is high quality audio and renegade video. The style is casual and honest, in contrast to over-presented media where the hosts and producers get in the way. All shows are recorded at The Ropeadope Room, an intimate studio in an old train station near Philly PA. 

Direct. Honest. Intimate. Real. 

21Soul begins.

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