Featured artist | Adam Turchin

We met Adam Turchin on a side street in LA, as we were heading home from a night of Jazz at The Blue Whale. He and Terrace Martin were celebrating as a record they were working on was just turned in. We talked about Jazz in Hip-Hop, argued about the best cheesesteaks, and generally agreed that musicians are underpaid. Here we are some 16 months later and Adam has brought us his labor of love - Manifest Destiny - a conceptual art project with 48 minutes of music ,11 paintings, and online motion graphics. The album features guests Robert 'Sput' Searight, Rose Gold, Terrace Martin, and more with sculpture by John Souter and paintings by Jackie Stanton. Drop in here to listen and learn, and here to follow Adam. 

Ropeadope : LIVE

The last cold days of early spring are here and the heat will be upon us in a minute, as we head out on the road to see some live music. Charles Owens Quartet hits in Richmond on Thursday night and then it's down to the Art Of Cool Festival in Durham NC - here's the lineup:

  • Friday 4/28 - Matthew Stevens - 5 PM
  • Friday 4/28 - Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah 7:30 PM
  • Saturday 4/29 - Terrace Martin & The Pollyseeds - 6:30 PM
  • Saturday 4/29 - RC & The Gritz - 11 PM
  • Saturday 4/29 - Shaun Martin 11:55 PM
  • Saturday 4/29 (Sunday 4/30) - Sputnik - 1 AM

We are looking forward to ALL of it, and we hope to see you there. No promises on our condition after that Saturday night Dallas invasion. 

New Music | Escaper

Guitar man Will Hanza is back with a banger - ESCAPER is Will, Jay Giacomazzo, Andrew Nesbitt, Johnny Butler, and Adam Ahuja - a Ropeadope Allstar band with serious intent. Start with a solid funk foundation, drop in some breathy and swinging Sax, and then let the guitar soar above - that's the recipe that takes these cats on a journey outside the walls of confinement. Their new album, Skeleton Key, is cued up for release on May 12th, with some gems jumping out along the way. Check the first single - CASTLES - right here, and preorder Skeleton Key right here. If Apple Music is your thing you can check both tracks right here

Charles Owens Quartet

Tenor Saxophonist Charles Owens is back in the mix, this time with a new twist. He dropped into Montrose Studios with his RVA compadres Devonne Harris, Andrew Randazzo, and Kelli Strawbridge to record AS ONE on 2 inch tape. Electric bass and piano mark a new turn, with six recognizable covers and two original tracks. This is the feel of finely tuned friends creating music together for the sake of beauty. Charles knows his horn, and the powerful groove of Randazzo and Strawbridge give him the time to play, with Devonne Harris dropping signature accents on the Wurlitzer. We get the feel of a (very) chill 70's Jazz lounge, with the jukebox glowing on a Saturday night. 


This is a big week here at the fake offices as we prepare for Friday's release of WISDOM (Sabiduria) from Mr. Eddie Palmieri. We've been digging throught the vast history of the man, the legend, and finding that he embodies everything that we strive for: persistent innovation with absolute respect for tradition. In fact, by easing in new elements to Latin music, Mr. Palmieri manages to PRESERVE the culture rather than push it aside. In this way he parallels the great Miles Davis by expanding the audience without losing the core. Saludos to Eddie Palmieri - please join us as we unveil new tracks all week from SABIDURIA. Start here with the title track featuring MARCUS MILLER, BERNARD PURDIE, DAVID SPINOZZA, AND RONNIE CUBER.  

The Centennial Trilogy

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah has emerged from the studio to bring us a trilogy of albums that stand as one work. The Centennial Trilogy is at its core asobering re-evaluation of the social political realities of the world through sound. Timing the release around the 100th anniversary of the first Jazz recording, Adjuah continues on his mission to obliterate the pejorative of the social construct of race and separation. By blending genres he seeks to find that which is common in us all. The first of the series is RULER REBEL, which introduces us to the players with a mix of Trap, Western African, and Native American music via New Orleans. We fully embrace the vision and message, and of course the music - drop in here to experience Ruler Rebel.