Adam & Kizzie

release date: may 18, 2018



About Adam & Kizzie

There is plenty of talk of scenes; communities like New York or New Orleans that foster creativity in groups of artists, bringing new styles of musical fusion in existence. Yet sometimes artists from less likely places dream up new things that hit the scene like lightning from above. 

Adam & Kizzie Ledbetter, known as Adam & Kizzie, hail from Oklahoma City: a stop in the rich vein of Jazz and Blues that runs north from Houston. They became friends in high school, rapping, singing, and dancing in and after school. Kizzie went off and traveled the world in Disney performances, while Adam performed at home with his Jazz Quartet New Growth. In 2011 they reunited and soon became husband and wife.

Sharing their very different musical interests, Adam’s focus expanded from Jazz to Hip-Hop, while Kizzie’s influences stemmed from Music Theatre to Pop/R&B. Their curiosity and ability to draw from Gospel, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and many varieties of Pop music soon found them charting their own unique path. As a duo, they were pushed by necessity to learn new methods, using live looping and layered vocals to create new music. After two acclaimed records, the duo have found the sublime zone that fully expresses what they do. 

Book Of EEDO Vol 3 is set for release on June 8th. The first single, Breathless, is a stunning track that expresses their love – for each other, for music, and for the divine. Simple, universal lyrics of love. Kizzie sings the hook over her own recorded harmonies. Adam beatboxes while handling the keys, with some freestyle in the bridge. And that is just the beginning – from start to finish Book Of EEDO Vol 3 is a journey through their world of spontaneous musical expression. Another standout track is On Behalf Of the Shaniquas, written as a dedication to the victims of OKC police officer Daniel Holtzclaw, who was sentenced to 263 years for his persistent victimization of Black women. On Behalf Of the Shaniquasis a poignant statement showing respect for all Black Women.

Book Of EEDO Vol 3 is that album that will inspire dissection of the style and technique, and inspire imitation and development of new blends of music and methods of recording.