angelo moore & the brand new step

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The new record - CENTURIES OF HEAT - from Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step is here, and it's a banger. Angelo is out (yet again) on the road fronting the seminal, genre defying band FISHBONE, but he left us with an absolute gem of a record. Politics, social commentary, lament and love for a life of music - all are covered with an unmistakeable groove and a good dose of party vibe in the mix. Done with the legendary RONDO BROTHERS in the bay area, Centuries is a lot to get your head around - so jump in right here and get started.  

release date: june 10, 2016

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About angelo moore & the brand new step

Angelo Moore hardly needs an introduction. A game changer in the world of music and performance, Angelo has been bringing high energy musical performances around the world as the singer of the legendary alt-rock band Fishbone.  Formed in 1979 as a ska and funk band, Fishbone became a soul band with rock influence, always energetic and mixing a party vibe with social commentary. 

In recent years, with a bit of serendipity, Angelo was introduced to San Francisco’s Rondo Brothers, known for their collective work with Foster The People, Galactic, Handsome Boy Modeling School, MC Lars, and many more beat-oriented artists that tend towards the eccentric in their music.

Angelo found himself a new outlet for creation where he could hone his talents as a singer, arranger, and saxophonist, and bring his lyrical and socially conscious headspace into the mix. The single ‘Brand New Step’ was first, creating the avenue and the band name. A unique and creative blend of music followed - funky, modern, psychedelic soul & r&b infused with a west coast sensibility - the Rondo Brothers’ deft studio production matching up with Angelo’s unparalleled talents as a singer, songwriter and horn player. 

And now the full form of the collaboration is expressed - Centuries Of Heat is set for release on Ropeadope on June 10, 2016. With a solid groove throughout and the Angelo Moore required pair of party tunes to keep it jumping, Centuries Of Heat tackles topics that are on everybody’s mind, from Black Lives Matter (Built For Love) to global terrorism (Centuries of Heat) to marijuana politics (Killaweed) to his own personal struggles through the ever-changing and unsteady music business (Karma Cashback). Decompression and the Booty Bang, the aforementioned party tunes, feature guest appearances from Butterscotch, Casual, Boots Riley, and Syzygy. Perhaps the most telling song on the record is Gratitude - a beautiful, complex layered horn and vocal arrangement that offers a heartfelt thanks to the people that have brought Angelo this far. 

As Angelo continues to tour the world with Fishbone, he brings us this gift - the culmination of HIS vibe and talent thus far. A vital American musician, Angelo has influenced so many, and now he moves from his wild-front-man persona into a deeper place. Raw, more definable, and even more honest as he transforms frommusical athlete to introspective lyrical warrior. 

The Rondo Brothers are known for their work with Foster the People, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Hieroglyphics, Galactic, and so many more, and they are known for inventive but timeless production that allows the artists to shine through. The production on Centuries Of Heat ranges from the sublime and simple (Gratitude) to the live-band hip hop featured on Booty Bang and Lady, and delving into timeless sounding pop productions on songs like Brand New Step,  Decompression, Killaweed, and Centuries of Heat. In a time when we either avoid the serious or avoid the party, Angelo Moore and The Brand New Step fuse the two in a throwdown of groove to celebrate while we THINK.