dred scott


release date: september 21, 2018

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About dred scott

Dred grew up in St. Louis and went to college in Ohio to study piano and composition with Pat Pace. But it is the San Francisco Bay Area that will always be home. There, he first gained a reputation as an innovative and eclectic pianist and multi-instrumentalist. He has recorded 11 self-produced albums as a leader and has performed on over 50 others. He was co-founder of the ground breaking hip- hop jazz group, Alphabet Soup. He has recorded with Anthony Braxton, Cecil McBee, Andrew Cyrille, Joe Morello, Charlie Hunter, Bob Minter, Dave Samuels, Don Byron, Paul McCandless, Marshal Crenshaw and has performed with Zigaboo Modeliste, Steve Smith, Mike Clark, The Paul Dresher Ensemble, Pete Seager, Arlo Guthrie, Levon Helm, Norah Jones, Moby, Bob Weir, Joe Henderson, The Berkeley Symphony (Kent Nagano), Ricky Lee Jones, Dave Garibaldi, Larry Schneider, Nina Hagen and Peter Apfelbaum.

Dred was the musical director 5 years in a row for the AMFAR Cinema Against Aids gala held every year during the Cannes Film Festival. His band backed up Alan Cumming, Mary J. Blige, Chris Tucker, Milla Jojovich and Patty Smith.

Dred produced award winning recordings, Rock and Roll Garden and Anna and The Cupcakes for The Bari Koral Family Band and also was the on-camera musical director for the 51 episode yoga-for-kids TV show, Yogapalooza. Dred produced the first recording of Country Joe and the Fish bassist, Bruce Barthol, The Decline and Fall of Everything. He composed the music for the film, Home, starring Woody Allen, Liam Neeson, Mike Myers, Susan Sarandon, Al Molina, Rosie Perez, Colin Quinn and Fran Leibowitz.

dred composed music and performed in 6 San Francisco Mime Troupe productions and performed in the film, Once More With Feeling, with Linda Fiorentio and Chazz Palmenteri. Dred produced the Carol Lipnik recording, M.O.T.H. and produced the debut album of The Former Members, a jam band supergroup featuring former members of Country Joe, Steve Miller and The Blues Project. Dred has written and played on dozens of TV commercials.

Dred has composed music for choreographers, Alan Danielson, ,Mary Lisa Burns, Maxine Steinman, SQUAD and Jo Kreiter from Zaccho. Dred has also worked for choreographers Margaret Jenkins, Joe Goode, Oberlin Dance Collective, Mark Morris and Merce Cunningham.

Dred is currently based in NYC and regularly performs with Sasha Dobson, The Bari Koral Family Band, Bump City, The Munchies, and The Dred Scott Trio. For the last 6 years, Dred has been the house pianist at Del Posto, the 4-star Lydia and Joe Bastianich restaurant in NYC.

dred's new album, Dred Scott Rides Alone, was recorded in rural northern California. Dred wrote all the songs and played all the instruments. It is a standard jazz piano trio format - piano, bass and drums. The songs, written during an artist residency at the UCross Foundation in Wyoming, are sublime, perhaps dred's most accessible and gentle writing and playing in his storied career. Dred Scott Rides Alone stands as a mature and melodic statement of life, love and the pursuit of beauty.