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n 2016, The MK Groove Orchestra was the house band for 9 epic movie themed dance parties thrown at The Mckittrick Hotel, home of the long running immersive theater production Sleep No More, billed as “Supercinema.” The venue was converted to the landscape of the movie and the MKGO was the house band at these parties, performing MKʼs original arrangements of music from, and inspired by, the chosen film theme for the venueʼs revelers. 

Jabberwockie was written for the Alice in Wonderland Supercinema, and was chosen to be presented at this auspicious time to commemorate 15 years of the MK Groove Orchestra as a stand alone track as it represents the highest degree of artistry the band can execute and present at this time for the greatest impact. 


release date: feburary 9, 2018

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release date: october 7, 2016

We first connected with Michael Kammers (MK) in 2013 when his driving track BAD BRAINS became the stand strong anthem here at the fake office. In between a variety of gigs with the likes of Antibalas and Bobby Previte, and his regular weekends at The Mckittrick Hotel, Michael brings us the most unusual and compelling recorded music. For the history check out Live At Studio BPM, and then dig right in on the second volume of his latest project with The Brothers Nylon. MK and the twins are set up yet again in their unintentionally nomadic studio - Electric Windowland, teasing the vibration of the universe with Analog Spirit Quest Vol 2 - three new tracks recorded to 1/4 inch tape on a Tascam 388 eight track mixing board. The lead track, CLOTH OF GOLD, will transport you past time and space. Just lean back and believe.

What happens when your TASCAM 388 is on the fritz? You call the twins - Nick and Michael Rufolo (AKA The Brothers Nylon) and they fix it, dropping an entire EP of analog sounds in the process. Michael Kammers (MKGO) took the project from start to finish with the twins and some special guests, recording everything on the quick to capture each creative moment. The result - Analog Spirit Quest Vol 1: a retro-futuristic jam that sounds like time stretched through space the MK way. Dig it here, support spontaneous ART.   - 

release date: July 24, 2015 


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About mk groove orchestra

Analog Spirit Quest, Vol. 2 - The quest continues for Michael Kammers (MK Groove Orchestra) and Michael and Nick Rufolo (The Brothers Nylon) in this three track release, upping the ante for mid-fi production techniques, Teo Macero-esque Bitches Brew style tape edits of improvisations into song forms and all around sonic samadhi.

Produced on their trusty Tascam 388 1/4 inch tape machine/mixing deck, the album saw a transition of another sort with MK's studio building being evicted and Electric Windowland being moved from Crown Heights Brooklyn to DUMBO. Grateful to have landed in another great space this marks MK's second Ropeadope release produced in a now defunct space, fighting to make vital art on the fringes of a borough buffeted on all sides by market forces.

Vol. 2 is a departure from Vol 1 largely due to better production quality as the teams skills mature and they learn how to work together without leaving behind their mid-fi garage aesthetic, as well as the notable addition of vocals from Lisa Mcquade on Cloth of Gold. The team decided the results were musically so exciting, they enlisted the help of long time MK Groove Orchestra collaborator Abe Seiferth of Transmitter Park Studios to mix and master the track.

The Quest will continue and the collective hopes you will join them to your ear's and soul's delight.