THE COUNTDOWN 2017 | Rock Horn Project

Rock Horn Project was formed by hornist and composer Adam Wolf. Combining elements from rock, jazz, and classical, RHP continues its warpath on breaking down the walls of genres and creating a new and exciting sound. More than your typical band, RHP aims to do more than perform, but to also encourage and inspire young musicians of any kind to pursue their hopes of creating a career path in music. Adam Wolf being the french hornist in a rock band, surely surprises no one that he and the band are passionate about the idea of young musicians on any instrument heading down a path that perhaps is not paved by their predecessors, but rather start their own and lay the groundwork for their individual legacy. Calling Los Angeles its home, RHP is comprised of musicians with training in just about every kind of music one could imagine, and the music of RHP is constantly drawing inspiration from these eclectic backgrounds.