The Countdown 2017 | Ben Rando

Ben Rando heads up our label partner Onde Music in the south of France, and consistently brings tasteful albums that walk the open space between Jazz and Soul. This year he graced the airwaves with his self titled debut album, featuring the divine Sarah Elizabeth Charles on vocals, Yacine Boulares on sax, Federico Casagrande on guitar , Sam Favreau on double bass, and Cédrick Bec on the drums. The clarity of the recording hits you first, followed by Rando's intensely personal feel and emotive playing. This record tells a story of the world from one man's view - self reflective, taking in the loneliness of the world and transforming it to something positive and beautiful. The compositions are intricate, bringing Rando's experience in classical music, dance, and theater together under the language of Jazz. Dig in