The Countdown 2017 | Soule Monde

"The new Soule Monde album Must Be Nice digs deeper into the pool of rhythms and melody. Still drawing from the funk and also the rhythms Russ played with his time in the Afro Beat band Zzebra. Ray and Russ mash it all together Soule Monde style with that great chemistry they have for writing as a band. Always boiling it down to some unique songs for your body, mind and soul. It's been said before but Must Be Nice will take you on a musical journey." (Russ Lawton)

In solid contrast to the sizzle and the flash - these guys simply hold down the groove. It is refreshing to hear the Hammond in a near constant, up-front solo state with drums just straight locked in. These cats have played a few gigs together, and the seasoned feel of their musical partnership tells the story.

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