The Countdown 2017 | Matt Cappy

Berlin New Jersey. Not the Berlin of world fame, just a small town in South Jersey where dreams begin. Matt Cappy grew up in Berlin with trumpet in hand, inspired by band concerts where his sister played clarinet, and by his mother’s piano playing. Eager to learn, he played in school and in church, where director Bill Garton and teachers Joe Fallon and Rick Kerber led him forward. Philadelphia’s University Of The Arts was next, and Matt was quickly immersed in the Philly Jazz scene.  Keeping his hometown connections strong, he landed a gig through Rick Kerber to play with Tony Bennett in Atlantic City.

And the rest, they say, is history. Matt’s recording credits, as of today,  include Michael Jackson, Elvis Costello, Jill Scott, and The Roots. On the road Matt counts Jay-Z, Jill Scott, The Mavericks, Maxwell in a long list of touring credits. Movie credits include Dave Chappelle’s Block Party, and Grammy credits include four records from Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, John Legend, The Roots, and Alejandro Sanz.

In short, Matt Cappy knows the ropes. His skill is well known, and his style marks countless performances and recordings. Along the way Matt chose to compose, arrange, and record music, and naturally he drew from his many experiences and the people connected to them. There’s the local Jazz crew – Clay Sears, Steve McKie, Anthony Tidd and others laid down the signature tracks that speak of home, while Marsha Ambrosius, Stephen Costello, and Chill Moody speak of the diversity of Matt’s connections. As the relationships reforged the music, the album evolved to become Church And State, a travelog in the world of Matt Cappy. The names speak for themselves, and the dedication and time that Matt devoted to crafting a full experience are evident upon the very first listen.

This is the world of Matt Cappy