The Countdown 2017 | Juan Pablo Arredondo Trio

JUAN PABLO ARREDONDO, guitarist and composer, was born in the city of Campana Province of Buenos Aires Argentina on November 2, 1978. His musical versatility and his understanding of the instrument have allowed him to be part of a number of groups throughout his career, working with artists from Mariana Baraj, Lucia Pulido, Donny Mc Caslin, Fernando Tarres, Ernesto Jodos, Mark Helias, Tony Malaby, Ches Smith, John Hollembek, Rodrigo Domínguez, Sergio Verdinelli, Luis Nacht, Hernan Merlo, Mariano Otero, Teo Cromberg, Hernan Hecht and Brian Adler. Juan Pablo he has recorded dozens of records as soloist and as sideman in Europe, Mexico, Brazil, USA, Paraguay and the Dominican Republic.

Juan Pablo Arredondo presents his new album PIV MIDI with the TOXI Trio, recorded in Mexico City in 2015.

PIV MIDI is the realization of years of shared experiences between Juan Pablo, bassist Jerónimo Carmona and drummer Hernán Hecht, culminating in the session documented here, after a 2015 tour in Mexico visiting some of the country’s most celebrated jazz and creative music venues.

Contemporary music, Jazz, free improvisation, folk and rock play equal parts in the compositions of Juan Pablo, creating a music that is expansive and free, touching on soundscapes but ultimately lying in the vast genre that is modern jazz.