The Countdown 2017 | (U)nity

This record. Powerful, intricate, filled with layers of groove and intensity.(U)nity is that band that every musician digs, and just to demonstrate they popped a voicemail from Robert Glasper into the middle and flipped it Cuban style. If you go back and give your attention to one album from 2017, this is the one. 

The core: Michael ValeanuAxel Tosca LaugartChris SmithMax Cudworth and Amaury Acosta have created an unlikely collaboration, ranging from a multitude of cultural backgrounds: Paris, Havana, Minneapolis, Providence and NYC. In their mission of fusing Afro Cuban culture with modern jazz, soul, hip-hop and gospel.

(U)nity is Power features Pino Palladino, Cuban percussionist and vocalist Pedrito Martinez, multi-instrumentalist Devonne Harris (AKA DJ Harrison), vocalists Jonathan HoardLauren Desberg, flutist Elena Pinderhughes, and bassists Luques CurtisDj Ginyard, and Joshua Crumbly