The Countdown 2017 | La Pingos Orquestra

Todd Clouser and Hernan Hecht continue to lead the way to new and exciting music from Mexico and beyond under the Ropeadope Sur banner. LA PINGO´S ORQUESTA is the latest - a Jazz band straight from the streets of Aguascalientes, La Pingos members bring a swirling variety of sounds into their new album, Peregrino; classical percussion, argentine tango, balkan music with Jazz, swing and rock intertwined. This is fusion of the mopst diverse order, with a decidedly latin delivery. Bandcamp chose Peregrino as one of their top Jazz albums of 2017:

Whether the influence is Argentine tango, Latin American folk, manouche, Balkan, or NYC jazz, La Pingo’s Orquesta channels it all with a motion powered by joy. This sextet from Aguascalientes, Mexico are equally adept at triggering a tango as they are a waltz or tropanka, and trading ballad for bop for bossa. And all of it is channeled through a lens of folk music, a quality that gives all that motion some essential definition and provides the music an earthy soulfulness to balance out its euphoric joy. (Dave Sumner, Bandcamp)