The Countdown 2017 | White Dust

'I played cool, and hung out with the hardest bargains, and never copped a plea ... called Jim Crow out of his mansion in Waycross Georgia, taught him a lesson he'd never forget' 

Such is the poetry of Yusef Komunyakaa; powerful, hip, and compelling. Yusef speaks of an America we know, accompanied on White Dust by Mike Brown on bass and David Cieri on piano. The trio delivers a collection of Yusef's poetry with subtle improvisation, painting a solemn landscape of sadness and beauty, like a dream on a winter morning.

White Dust reaches into your mind and soul as if the players know your struggle, and are playing along to your story. One avid listener describes it this way: 'Walt Whitman meets Tom Waits on the corner of Africa and Alabama.'  Dig