The Countdown 2017 | Col Bruce Hampton

It was a shining moment for us here at Ropeadope amidst the saddest of sad times. The great Col. Bruce Hampton departed the earth on May 1, after a full night of celebration of HIS life by an all star ensemble of characters that he has influenced. As the reality of Bruce's final earthly display of outrageous showmanship settled in, we got a phone call from a friend. 'Bruce recorded one night at The Vista Room (with The Madrid Express) with the intention of pressing it on Vinyl - would you be interested in releasing it?' Nothing in this world could bestow greater honor on us than this, and we immediately said YES, please. Soon the masters arrived, and what we heard was stunning - the great showman who consistently went 'out' in his theatrics and playing had brought us the most concise record of his career. We've played the record hundreds of times, and we cannot find a single moment that is not solid power and perfection. Like Bruce, the album will not last forever, so we urge you to add this to your collection today.