The Countdown 2017 | Bajah

Billy "PrincePolo dropped the highly anticipated Universal Souljah from Bajah on Prince Polo Records this fall. The joint effort with Sierra Leone superstar Bajah  consists of 7 hard hitting tracks that are sure to send reggae fans into a frenzy.

"I wanted to make a record that was representative of New York, Brooklyn specifically." said Polo. "It was a chance to combine the common musical themes that Bajah and I both share and in the process create a new sound, and something that is uniquely Brooklyn in it's vibe."

Universal Souljah is exactly that. Universal. Musically it combines reggae, hip-hop, dub and African styles in a way that really hasn't been heard before, and the end result is something very special. From the heavy Rub a Dub style of Bigger Heads to the UK Dub influence of Love And Unity to the dancehall scorchers of Hot and I Feel Like this collection will take you on a journey that is both socially conscious and guaranteed to make you move your body on the dance floor.

"Bajah is a great artist and person and it comes across in his music. Making this record was such a great experience in so many ways." stated Polo. "He named the album and I couldn't think of a better representation of who he is and what he's about. Without question he is a Universal Soldier."