The Countdown 2017 | ollie howell

Described by the great Quincy Jones as “an unbelievable drummer. So creative I couldn’t believe it … he really is a 360-degree beautiful young cat”, Ollie Howell simply caught our attention with his expressive compositions. What stood out the most was that the drums did not stand out the most!

Self Identity is Ollie's second album, written post-surgery like a cosmic reminder to find the joy in life. The band -  Duncan Eagles on Tenor Saxophone, Ant Law on Electric Guitar, Henry Spencer on Trumpet, Matt Robinson on Piano, and Max Luthert on Double Bass - seem to intimately understand the mission. Of course, you cannot help but turn your attention back to the drummer, whose delicate style is gently leading the way, coaxing the travelers ion the path. Head over here to join Ollie on his journey.