The Countdown 2017 | Jared Sims

Jared Sims taught jazz and classical saxophone at the University of Rhode Island from 2005 to 2016. As assistant director of jazz studies, he directed the school’s big band at the Newport Jazz Festival four times. He co-founded the Newport Jazz Camp, a summer program for high school musicians. He also has taught at the University of New Hampshire and Southern New Hampshire University.

We first met Jared when he brought the power funk Akashic Record to Ropeadope, and four years later we find Jared quite a distance from Boston , in the great state of West Virginia. Putting down new roots and reconnecting with old ones find led Sims to his next project - Change Of Address. All About Jazz frames the story:

'Jared Sims isn't a purist, that's for sure. On Change Of Address, an album that marks his return to life in West Virginia after two decades spent in New England, he wields his baritone saxophone on a set of slick tunes that speaks to jazz's soul and funk extensions. Sims places his weighty horn squarely in the middle of an organ outfit, but he's not trying to take on the legacy of Ronnie Cuber or looking to juxtapose his bari against some form of a classic Blue Note sound. The fact that this date is on Ropeadope should be an obvious hint, to those familiar with that label, that there's a strong groove and pocket element at the center of this music.'