The Countdown 2017 | Eddie Palmieri

Sometimes you drop everything and pay full attention to the task at hand. When the Maestro Eddie Palmieri - a man with a renegade career and nothing BUT quality - calls, well that is one of those times. We're still humbled and honored that Mr. Palmieri chose Ropeadope to release a masterpiece - Sabiduria - in the spring of 2017. The album is a powerful and dizzying blend of funk, soul, jazz and pop with a guiding force (of course) of rhythm.  

Sabiduria - which means WISDOM - features appearances from seasoned greats: Bernard PurdieRonnie CuberXavier RiveraIwao SadoCamilo MolinaDonald HarrisonAlfredo de la FeDavid Spinozza, and Marcus Miller. Plus a core band of Anthony Carrillo (bongo), Little Johnny Rivero (conga),Luisito Quintero (timbales), and Luques Curtis (bass). 

This one of THE records - the ones that stay in your collection year after year and gain value with every listen. It is a timeless statement from one of the world's greatest composers and characters; a man whose legend will light tour way for many generations. Mr. Palmieri, we thank you for your courage, your wild heart, and of course for the music that defines our human nature.