Col Bruce Hampton

Late last night Col, Bruce Hampton, Ret played his last gig on planet Earth. A full house was assembled to honor him, with so many of those that he has influenced and mentored on stage. We will all look back on this and realize this was a truly beautiful moment in a long string of beautiful moments that were randomly orchestrated to enlighten us all. This is not just the death of a celebrity whose music touched us, this is the departure of a GIFT that we as humans had the choice to recognize and learn from. Col. Bruce Hampton was a child at every age, he was the man who tested whether you were paying attention to the truth. He loved baseball because it was the only sport where the defense had the ball! He confounded those who might be asleep, and he inspired passion and dedication in those who sensed the way. His riddles made us wonder if he was a prophet, yet he never allowed us to define him as such. He made it through this impossible paradigm without buying in, without getting lost in reality. 

'Col. Bruce Hampton has forever influenced Ropeadope: his approval of my intent has emboldened me and set the company on a course that will always be committed to music first, and to the people who make it. He has connected me to myself, and revealed answers within. It is not possible to express the depth of this connection. ' (Louis)

Then like in poetry, I have dot dot dot and then drop down to the next line. Kinda off center and leaving his soul! Parting the waters under the medulla oblongata! uh oh....mankind.

Bruce said there was no one as pure as Cachao, so we'll close (for now) with this...