Sister Gertrude Morgan

In the fall of 2005, as the world focused on the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Ropeadope released two historically important records that spoke to the soul of the city. The first - the original Preservation Hall recording of Sister Gertrude Morgan's Let's Make A Record. Sparse, melodic, and raw, the album captured the true vision of Sister Gertrude Morgan - the self described 'Bride Of Christ' who wandered the streets of New Orleans preaching in her unique way. The second - King Britt Presents Sister Gertrude Morgan - a powerful imagining of the original with instrumentation from King Britt and Tim Motzer. The results are legendary - this new recording captured world attention, with consistent placement in movies (Miami Vice), TV (True Blood), and commercials. It went on to a third incarnation as rapper David Dallas, enthralled by the music, added powerful and positive vocals to create the track Running, which was featured in countless ads from the NFL to FIFA. Yes, a preacher from New Orleans changed the life of a DJ from Philly, and then again a rapper from New Zealand. Such is the lasting influence of music. Today we announce the release of a deluxe Vinyl edition of both original recordings - the double LP in a triple gatefold jacket, beautifully representing the original art of Sister Gertrude Morgan herself. We offer great Thanks to Preservation Hall, Vinyl Me Please, and the Artists for making this happen. There are a limited number of copies here.