Infinity Gritty X E Scott Lindner

From Kuf Knotz to The Flowdown to Escaper, Adam Ahuja is a Ropeadope regular. Now he's making moves as he begins his new 'label' - Infinity Gritty. More than just a label, Infinity Gritty is a music community, think-tank, and consultancy with an eclectic spirit. it looks and feels like a NEW idea, and these are the times when new ideas are needed and embraced. Infinity means forever and gritty means 'with courage and resolve', and we are proud to support such a noble vision. The first release is cued up for this Friday - a solid banger from E. Scott Lindner. Lindner is an engineer, producer, and guitarist from NY who states that he draws influences from Jazz and Krautrock. His compositions lean on repetitive polyrhythms as a bed for searching melodies and sonic textures. We dig the sound.