New Music | Clouser, Medeski, Bates

As a founder, John Medeski is forever linked with Ropeadope  - from the first record (DJ Logic) to his work on The Word, The Campbell Brothers, and more. Todd Clouser is forever linked as well - a nomad dedicated to persistent collaboration, Todd has worked with Steven Bernstein, Chris Wood, dred scott, and a host of musicians on his path to make sense of the world around us. From directing Ropeadope SUR with Hernan Hecht, to Radio 21 million, to his Music Mission effort to support at-risk communities, Todd is always working for a greater good. Last year Todd, John, and drummer JT Bates held an epic throwdown at The Ice House in Minneapolis and recorded the night. Titled You The Brave, the full recording is available on January 26th worldwide. Dig.