2018 Countdown | Dana Murray

Discussions of race and social justice in America are often polarized; the vocal parties are of a particular culture or worldview and the volley begins. Some artists reflect and respond, others speak of love as the answer. Dana Murray does neither - as a young man growing up in Omaha Nebraska he found himself in both worlds - that of downtown musicians as well as the suburban set. He discovered early on the way in which these different people viewed each other, but he remained a friend to both. And so, with his new album Negro Manifesto he simply set out to open the discussion; to present the case and listen to the response. One cannot solve a problem like this with a tweet or simply a statement, no matter how in depth and powerful it may be. And so we welcome this album as a starting point to consider all sides and work towards some resolution. Dana presents his music with open discussion at panels, in the confident hope that if we talk, we can work it out. Dig in and let the questions begin.