2018 Countdown | Ghost-Note

The powerful collaboration between Nate Werth and Robert ‘Sput’ Searight - Ghost-Note - is like a supernatural machine that gathers power as it moves. The engine is the rhythm, and we have yet to find its full power as it build momentum constantly, drawing more energy from new players and new fans. In 2018 Ghost-Note delivered Swagism, an in the moment challenge that brings MonoNeon, Sly 5th Ave, AJ Brown, Jonathan Mones, Michael Jelani Brooks, and Xavier Taplin into the full mix. Composed and then re-composed on the spot as they hit the studio, Swagism includes interludes of life on the road with this band of brothers committed to sound. This is a moment in a band’s momentum that we will all look back on and say - ‘yeah, that was it man, I saw them in my local spot’. Grab the power of Swagism right here.