2018 Countdown | Richard X Bennett

Richard X Bennett has a curious mind. His first two releases on Ropeadope gave us a glimpse by showing two parts of his composing style - a groove trio and a Jazz Quintet that highlighted his understanding of Indian music. In 2018 Richard returned with Away From The Many, now taking time for deep introspection through music. Challenges in his life led him here, and the purpose was not just to transform his experience into beauty, but to create an album for the listener to play when one finds themselves alone. Richard points out that he often puts a cover song on his albums to show the listener what the mood of the recording is by playing something familiar in the same style. In this case it is a soft, deep, almost haunting version of Elton John’s Bennie and The Jets, and the piece does exactly what was intended. Bennett also found a friend in the process, as he teamed up with Ropeadope labelmate Aaron Dolton, no stranger to challenges in life, for two remixes included on the album. The synergy was instant, as two piano players from different continents found the same metaphysical space to perform in. Pick a day, any day, when you find yourself alone or just need to stretch out in space to reflect and regroup, and cue up Away From The Many.