2018 Countdown | Dimitrije Vasiljevic

This is one of many delightful moments from 2018 : Dimitrije Vasiljevic is a soft spoken man, yet his story is big. Born in Serbia and trained in the Soviet classical music system, Dimitrije fell in love with the music of New Orleans and of course, it changed his path as he followed his heart (and ears) to the USA. Dimi is currently a music professor at Xavier University in Louisiana, and his 2018 album - Accidental Nomad - tells the story in instrumental form of his journey as he reflects on the path that makes so much sense to him (and us), but is truly difficult for others to understand. And the music! A carefully woven tapestry that blends his classical training, his understanding of odd meters in the Serbian style, and his finely tuned ear for American Jazz. Accidental Nomad is like an easy chair, a spot where you feel at home while reflecting on the day’s journey. Bravo.