2018 Countdown | Andrew Finn Magill

Crossing genres is the only constant here at Ropeadope, so when Finn The Fiddler hit us up and with a record of Brazilian music composed and performed with the violin in front we jumped at the chance. Raised in Asheville NC and steeped in Irish music tradition, Finn learned the chops and the style. And yet after a trip to Brazil he took a new path; fully in love with the sounds and culture he brought his violin to lessons with accomplished Choro musicians and learned the language, the history, and of course the music. The intent is pure, and the result is perhaps unintended yet very real - Finn has bridged the gap between violin and fiddle, and the gap between Choro and Jazz. His 2018 release is titled Canta, Violino - a perfect tribute to the power of the instrument itself.