2018 Countdown | Mike Clark & Delbert Bump

When the great Mike Clark calls, you answer. How much Mike Clark is too much? No such thing. We first met Mike when he appeared on the Love Chords album from Middle Blue, and we found that his drumming skill is exceeded by his positive mentality; he’s so hip because he has no need for being hip. And that shuffle - when Mike lays it down it’s like we all return to the Texas Blues, to Licoln Center Jazz, and all points in between. Mike’s second release with Ropeadope - Retro Report - began a s a duo project with his long time friend Delbert Bump on the Hammond, yet every musician shines as young gun Elias Lucero shines throughout on guitar. The sense you get from this record, perhaps most Mike Clark records, is that this is both a sport and a craft, and no one gets to take the spotlight for their own. The music will win, and we’ll be cueing this one up again and again when we lose our cool, just to get back on track. You should too.