2018 Countdown | Stephanie McKay

Modern Icon Recordings is building something special, as Adrian Harpham brings his ear and intense production sensibilities to the game. His goal is to coax out the best in every artist, and this treasure from Stephanie McKay is a shining example. In her career, McKay has walked the challenging line between the pitfalls of fame and the real heart of musical expression. Her credits show her careful selection of collaborations; not just gigs but an organic evolution of her connections. Kelis, Amp Fiddler, Roy Hargrove, Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Yasiin Bey, Talib Kweli, DJ Spinna, and more – each has a specific individuality, and have held their art above commercial success. Her 2018 Album Song In My Heart finds McKay in a deep experimental and soulful place of expression. From the gentle and yearning ‘Quietly’, to the empowering title track, to the delightful, life affirming track Home, co-written with Stephanie’s son – Song In My Heart is gem to be held close at all times.