2018 Countdown | Eddie Palmieri

Eddie Palmieri’s influence on the world of modern music is often celebrated, but just as often underestimated. As he completes his 82nd year with us, his energy and commitment seem to be increasing, as if to fully emphasize the power of not just the music but also the cross-cultural importance of the process. With no sign of slowing, Mr. Palmieri is the elder of a global culture of musicians, actively teaching young students and leading the way for the next generation.

2017 marked the release of Sabiduria, a Latin Jazz masterwork featuring Donald Harrison JrMarcus MillerAlfredo de la FeJoe LockeJohnny Rivero, Ronnie Cuber, and David Spinnoza alongside Mr. Palmieri’s core band of established elders and young guns.

In 2018 Mr. Palmieri returned to his roots in different ways; the summer release of his Salsa classics album Full Circle stunned players and students alike with finely tuned renditions of songs that Mr. Palmieri recorded in the past. The project was also released on the PalmieriSalsaJams App, the world’s first interactive Salsa music app on Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah’s Stretch Music App platform. The App allows students to manipulate and 'remix' all of the tracks, as a practice tool and as an interactive way to understand the arrangements.

To further emphasize this extremely prolific time in his life, Eddie Palmieri delivers yet another Salsa classic album - Mi Luz Mayor, set for release in December 2018. A tribute to his late wife, Iraida, Mi Luz Mayor revisits Salsa classics that the pair enjoyed in their youth. From the timeless Azúcar to a searing arrangement and performance of Mi Congo featuring Carlos Santana, the album sets the listener contextually in the era of the great ballrooms with modern performance and production.

Some legends become just that; but Mr. Eddie Palmieri is clearly on a mission for perfection in this time.