RAD X RAD | Adam Ahuja Reviews Bright Dog Red

"Means to the Ends" Album Review

by Adam Ahuja, Infinity Gritty

Bright Dog Red might be a recurring dream character: that mesmerizing image of an animal icon placed face-to-face with an observer, maintaining a deep and unmistakable familiarity, yet owning a mysterious personality that cannot be consciously recalled.  The character holds a strong purpose, but one that is rather better felt than understood.  "Means to the Ends," released by Bright Dog Red on Ropeadope Records, might be the sonic counterpart to that subconscious creature.

The album's first scene opens with an inter-weaving, inter-dimensional calling home, taking the listener straight into the caverns of a musical monk circle, priming the ears for a journey.  The listener is quickly christened by the sound of drummer Joe Pignato's guiding ride-cymbal surfs.  Vocal narrations by emcees Cully and Righteous follow with worthy contemplations, easing the listener further into the deep mind.  
The journey is decorated with sax and trumpet echoes, guitar swirl-pools, and mountainous, rebellious bass steps.  As the listener engages Bright Dog Red, a continuation of organic and synthetic sounds splash the atmosphere with assertion, expressed with a palpable sense of liberation.  You might call it Self-Reflective Swing Hop.  
"Means to the Ends" is a refreshing surrender into sound that will appropriately answer the listener's questions with more of the right questions.  A full album encounter may cause one to pleasantly hum diminished scales and melodies as a result thereafter, as if that wasn't anything out of the ordinary.  Essentially:  if one is eager and ready to unmask the Bright Dog Red in waking life, the album "Means to the Ends" is the right place to do it.