2018 Countdown | Cienfuegos

From Todd Clouser’s Ropeadope Sur comes Cienfuegos, a band that proposes a new way of seeing Mexican-ness by blending cultural elements of the past and present. Reflecting the present and integrating folkloric music from the past, Cienfuegos takes us through history. The trip begins through the tribute to pre-hispanic gods such as "La Serpiente" and "El Jaguar", shortly after arriving at the Latin fervor in "El Alebrije". The music advances exploring the dual conception of beauty in "El Cenzontle" and the destruction in "El Perro de Agua". The trip of the Bestiario ends in "El Sumidero", a piece that invokes a traditional Mexican song that travels through a stream of peace and longing, heading south, to the heart of the Mexican cosmovision.