2018 Countdown | Big Hands Rhythm And Blues Band

Yeah, we’ve got the Jazz, but sometimes you just have to kick out the Jams and get loud. Big Hands Rhythm And Blues Band does just that - passionate blues tracks with a driving, soulful rhythm lead the way, with Osei Essed’s deep growl conjuring thoughts of past times. Their new album is called Thoughts And Prayers (easily with a sense of irony), and mixed in with the rocking and powerful cuts are longing ballads that can sit with the best of songs in the Americana tradition. As another Ropeadope song craftsman, Andrew Nelson (Great Peacock) stated ‘It’s all just 12 bars and the human condition.’ BHRB brings that sad, yet hopeful element out in all of us, so if you’re reflecting on life as the new year begins, drop in here and get ready.