Music and Connection

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As we hustle into 2018, another year filled with quality recordings from a dazzling array of artists fully embracing independence and intent on bringing beauty (and change) to the world, we pause to reflect on the phenomena of the Ropeadope model. Six years ago we set on a mission to create the music industry that we would want to live in - a model of distributed collaboration that helps artists claim full creative control and build strong independent businesses, all linked to the extent of their choosing and working towards a new economy that is sustainable. The road has been challenging, as large companies control both the media presentation of music and the distribution, but we have been able to survive and thrive by connecting artists with each other and with fans. 

As we forge ahead we will continue to share revenue fairly with artists and work even harder to build connection and trust, and we need you - the listeners - to keep the flame burning by supporting our work. Whatever your preferred format is - CD, Vinyl, download, or stream - we thank you for digging our music in the past and urge you to help our network grow by sharing the music with your friends and the world. All the links are here, drop in and enjoy the music.