Featured Artist | Laura Taglialatella

From Naples Italy, Vocalist and composer Laura Taglialatella began performing in church, influenced by Black music and intent on experiencing the world. Her path took her to University (and private study with Jazz masters), where she developed her thesis - A Unifying Language: Jazz. Laura's debut album - The Glow - show Laura in the process of self acknowledgement, while exploring the space between genres and the spontaneous interactions that ensue. The Glow was recorded in two days, and features Dayna Stephens on Ewi and tenor Sax, Domenica Sanna on Piano and Rhodes, Matteo Bortone on Bass, Francesco Ciniglio on Drums, and a special guest appearance from Logan Richardson on Alto Sax. Expect a subtle flow, with introspective style and sometimes carefully punctuated vocals in both English and Italian. Order The Glow via Atlanta Records at this link.