New Music | Chuck Lichtenberger


Remember that name (Use the trick - Lick Ten Burgers), and you're able to discuss genius while cradling your choice of adult mind-calming substance. Every now and then an artist comes along that leaves you scrambling for comparisons - from Weird Al to TMBG, Les Claypool to Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Beck to Randy Newman. Chuck Lichtenberger is able to get outside of the usual frame of reference, and beckons for us to do the same. We're lovers of art that stretches our thinking, and Chuck delivers - all the while with sublime performance on piano, a dedicated and skilled band, and the vision of Jonathan Scales in the producer chair. Ladies, Gentlemen, Visitors, molecular fusion vehicles - we bring you 'This Is What Happens When...' , set for release on Friday, April 13th. A beautiful dedication to life on a spinning ball lost in a mass of stars and whatnot. Take your time, enjoy the ride.