New Music | Dimitrije Vasiljevic Quintet


It was always the piano for Dimitrije Vasiljevic. As a child of 5 in Serbia, his mother took him for lessons and fate took care of the rest. Raised in the Russian system of classical training, Dimi found the piano expansive enough to satisfy his desire for playing and composing. Discovering Jazz as a teen, he did his time playing in the Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra building the foundation from the original Jazz source. Soon he was enrolled at Berklee, and if there was any turning back it was then most certainly too late. Jazz (with a capital J) had its hold on him, and turning back was futile.

‘Dimitrije’s music occupies a unique space, somewhere between the classical tradition and Jazz’ (Chris Potter)

Stay tuned for more about Dimitrije Vasiljevich Quintet. Accidental Nomad is available for Preorder on Friday 4/20.