New Music | Odd Atlas

Saxophonist Warren Walker (The Kandinsky Effect) and Guitarist Federico Casagrande, long time friends active in the Paris music scene, have finally recorded together. Locking themselves in a remote alpine studio with their band mates Caleb Dollister and Sam Minae, Odd Atlas was formed on a frigid week in the mountains. Without much advance time due to travel, the band arrived with a few odd compositions and hammered out the sound collectively. The cold air seemed to press the sound out of the air, yet the room was warmed up by hours of creating music.  

Odd Atlas’ self titled album takes the listener through this process – seasoned and progressive post-Jazz performers and composers trading dialogue and concept. As the album progresses, you can feel the conversation deepening and heading towards new ground. The energy and backgrounds are different enough for contrast, with Casagrande’s gentle yet forceful guitar opening the floor for Walker’s  expressive sax. The album feels like a journey to unknown parts, or perhaps the long road back home.