New Music | Sasha Masakowski

From the great city of New Orleans, Sasha Masakowski grew up with music all around. Her father, Steve Masakowski, is a celebrated jazz guitarist; her mother Ulrike is a concert pianist and visual artist. Sasha describes her childhood as a ‘very colorful family dynamic’, which was mirrored on the street by the cultural vibrance of the city and the specific way people celebrate life (and death) with music and art. Yet it was not until she moved away to pursue her career that Sasha understood the full value and unique beauty of the city.

Sasha takes her experience and reflects back on her home city with a unique take on the music. All you need to hear is her rework of the Sugar Boy Crawford staple Jockamo and you know you are in for a fun ride. Sparse and playful, the track leads off the new album - Art Market - and we are captivated with the artist and the sound. Drop in here for an early listen.