New Music | Alex Conde

Our friends at Uprising Music are poised for their first release this week. Alex Conde was trained in classical music at the Jose Iturbi Conservatory of Music in Valencia, Spain. Furthering his study at Berklee, Conde has composed and performed in Classical, Flamenco, and Jazz. His new album, Origins, is a fusion album merging the roots and elements of Flamenco (bulerias, soleares), Afro-Cuban (guaguanco and rumba) and American Jazz forms. The mystery of the clave is found in flamenco palos like seguiriya or soleá. The album is an exploration into the roots of Afro-Cuban music and Jazz from a Flamenco perspective. Origins features notable guests Conrad Herwig, Marcus Gilmore, Dayna Stephens, Brian Lynch, Luques Curtis, Ismael Fernandez and Guillermo Barron and more.