New Music | Project K-paz

Adam Ahuja just does not stop - his Infinity Gritty label is in full swing while he holds down a spot in a variety of bands. This time he unveils Project K-Paz: started in 2009 by Alvaro Kapaz and Pablo Eluchans, Project K-Paz delivers pure improvisational music. Currently formed as a trio with Ahuja on keys, their new album is titled Post-Something - inspired by deep reflection on our times. 

'We are in a controversial era, when the world seems easily polarized and tensions quickly rise. But the future lies in the hands of the new generations, who bring us hope of a reality that will build bonds out of bleak surroundings, turning our differences into strengths, and discover a new unity for our humanity. How we as humans choose to deal with sadness, loss, excitement, madness, joy, love.' (Project K-Paz)

Post-Something was recorded in one night with Infinity Gritty alum and general wizard of all recording things E. Scott Lindner