Pendulum Swings | Angelo Moore

Angelo Moore is hitting the road with fierce energy and dedication. The Brand New Step is his project outside of Fishbone, and it's a traveling groove and politics driven storm. Claude Coleman Jr (Ween), Ashish “Hash” Vyas (Thievery Corporation), JJ Jungle (The Coup), Hassan Hurd (The Coup) form the core, with vocals from Butterscotch, Cheyenne Moore, and Bridney Reese. Ths IS the brand new step, and Angelo has a treat for us today as he drops a classic single with a B-side to address the current state of confusion in the good ol U S of A. The signature sound is courtesy of the infamous Rondo Brothers of Berkeley California, with frequent collaborator Kris Jensen on guitar. The B-side is Marvin Gaye's Inner City Blues as only Angelo Moore can do it. 

You'll want to catch the groove and the lyrics on these, and drop them into your playlist for heavy rotation.