Shaun Martin is in Focus

From the Snarky Puppy golden days to his solo release, 7 Summers, we have always been (and will remain) huge fans of the style, grace, and versatility that Shaun Martin brings to the piano in its many forms. From delicate riffs to dance party rhythm, Shaun expresses himself with perfect comfort and brings the power when the setting calls for it. So we are proud to announce Focus - the new album from the Shaun Martin Trio. This time Shaun returns to the piano and the roots of the Jazz Trio with longtime collaborators AJ Brown and Jamil Byron.

'i wanted to sit down and fall back in love with the piano - to dance with the one that brought you.' - shaun martin

The trio format lends plenty of inspiration for Shaun, he counts Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Keith Jarrett, and Gary Peacock as influences and standards for the trio vibe, with the magnetic interplay between the instruments as the foundation. Yet as always, Shaun Martin makes the trio his own, comfortably expressing himself as though he is in fact dancing with the one that brought him. A couple of standards from Joe Henderson and Billie Holiday set the frame, with five original compositions that bring the story into Focus, and the interplay between these lifelong friends is indeed magnetic and seemingly effortless.