Connected by music and an eclectic frame of reference, Adrian Harpham, Deron Johnson, Gabe Gordon, and Yonatan Levy are Light Blue Movers. Their debut album, Atlas, found them experimenting with sound and groove, while collaborating with vocalists like Stephanie McKay and Leyeux. In late 2016 the all-star, trans-continental quartet got together for a live show in LA, and of course hit the studio for a couple of nights and let the tape roll. Two sessions in Venice California, with no songs, no chords, no charts. It had been a tough year, and things were about to get much more complicated in the world around them, as it has for us all. The result is Teleological Devolution (the Venice Sessions pt.1), an unapologetic, searching, sonic freedom that literally sounded like life itself. This is real, folks, and real is needed right now. The album hits on September 7 via Harpham's Modern Icon Recordings, with pre-orders on August 10. Drop in here and follow the band for updates.