Drums And Tuba


That's right. The band formerly known as Just Drums And Tuba is back. Formed in 1995 by Tony Nozero and Brian Wolff, this avant-everything duo that began Austin Texas has achieved legendary under (and above) ground status as they take two instruments and blend Jazz fusion, Hardcore Punk, and Alternative Hip-Hop in a surprising structured way. The band has not recorded since 2005, and we are honored to bring you their new project - TRIUMPH!. Joined by Steve Garofano on (additional) Drums and Percussion, Ben Ellman on Sax, Jonathon Freilich on Guitar, and Francesca Wolff on vocals, Brian adds in his own Vocal, Beatbox, Trombone and Flute to for an epic statement of, well - triumph!. Seemingly unaffected by the challenges of the times, or simply strong enough to bear it with a driving, forward moving and anthemic call, Drums And Tuba are here to lead the way. Triumph! is set for release on September 28.