Kyle Nasser | Persistent Fancy

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The title balances contrasting philosophies on imagination and the relativity of human views, and so we are introduced to the curious mind of Saxophonist and Composer Kyle Nasser. A graduate of both Harvard and Berklee, Nasser explores the intricacies of composition and perfomance and the concept of the suite, weaving together tracks related by a common theme. The players are sublime and varied; bassist Nick Jost is a member of the metal band Baroness, While Altoist Roman Filu performs with Steve Coleman, Miguel Zenon, and Dafnis Prieto. On drums is the great Allan Mednard, whose credits seem to include just about everyone. Persistent Fancy is an elegant journey, and is set for release on October 5, stay tuned for pre-order and streaming. In the meantime, drop in on Kyle's band Beekman right here