Whose Hat Is This?


In 2015, while on tour with The Tedeschi-Trucks Band, band members Tim Lefebvre, Tyler “Falcon” Greenwell, J.J. Johnson, and Kebbi Williams took the stage at the A-Trane in Berlin and went to a place that caused some audience members to throw their clothes (was that a hat?), and set the mandate for a new project to evolve. And so Whose Hat Is This? picked up the improvisational gauntlet thrown down by jambanders and took it to its (ill)logical extreme. They've played with the greats, from TTB to Bowie to Col Bruce, and this band allows them complete freedom to challenge each other, the audience, and the very vibration of the time-space continuum. Their new project, Everything's OK, was recorded live at the 8X10, and features the future-voice stylings of the enigmatic Kokayi. November 16 is the date; stay tuned here for updates.