'Music Has Been My Saviour'

Vivian Sessoms was born in Harlem, and she shuttled between Philly and Harlem as a child with some stops in Newark & Camden NJ. As she likes to say – ‘she lived in all the ‘hoods. Her parents were free thinkers, creatives who were immersed in music and cultural expression. Early on she just knew that one day she would be a singer, and that knowledge became a compelling need that drove her forward. With her parents singing and playing music around her, harmonizing and sharing the essence, the structure of music, there was never another option. The church figured in as well, as her grandmother made sure she was in church most Sundays, and the spirit of gospel music was forever entangled with her destiny. 

And so we present to you today, Vivian's rendition of the classic traditional song 'See Line Woman'. Originally recorded for the library of Congress (Sea-Lion Woman) and later popularized by Nina Simone, See Line Woman expresses Vivian's understanding of the roots, and her vision for elegant arrangement. Featured on the track are Vincent Gardner, Kenyatta Beasley, and Donny McCaslin. Let it roll.